These two scientific reasons are:
1) The physiological curvatures of the spine, and
2) The expansibility of the invertebral cartilages of the spine.

THE PHYSIOLOGICAL SPINAL CURVES — It is said that an infant who is still unable to sit up, doesn't have these curvatures. But, as he grows up, curvatures develop.

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Dr. E. H. Bradford explains this and writes, “The so-called physiological curvatures of the spine, not found in the fetus or in infants unable to sit up ... results from the necessity of the curves in balancing the trunk with its anterior load of viscera when in the erect position, and in carrying the head erect.” There are three curves. One at the neck, which is a forward bend; in the middle, a backward bend; and in the lower back, another forward bend. It is said as one grows older, the depth of these curves increases because of the weight of the head and torso and because of bad posture. By decreasing the degree of each curve, therefore, height can be increased. exercises in this program will help you do this.

THE EXPANSIBLE INVERTEBRAL CARTILAGES - It is a known fact that a person is taller after he wakes up in the morning than when he is about to go to sleep at night.

Dr. E.H. Bradford, speaking on, this, said, “The fact that person is taller in the morning than at night has long been known and has been attributed to the expansibility of the invertebral cartilages.” And he quoted Brodhurst: “The effect of pressure on the invertebral cartilages is shown by the loss of height which is sustained at the end of the day. Thus, it is well known that a man of middle stature who remains in the erect position during the day will lose nearly one inch in height, and that this is regain only after he has been in the recumbent position for six or eight hours.”

That these vertebrae of the spinal column can be expanded or lengthened is shown and proven by a certain custom of Burmese women of the Paduang tribe even at present. These women place brass rings around their neck to lengthen the neck’s seven vertebral discs.

And it is reported that some have stretched the length of their neck from 15 to 20 inches! The exercises in this program are intended to help you lengthen your spine to a certain degree. This is only one of their purposes. Many have written about man's physical stature. But, we would like to quote excerpts from Dr. P. de Puky's work, The Physiological Oscillation of the Length of the Body: “The invertebral fibro-cartflages form nearly half of the length of the whole spinal column. . .”

“Not only the great resilience of the invertebral fibro-cartilages but also the curves of the spinal column play a considerable role in the daily oscillations of the body ...”

In the newly born, the vertebral column is almost absolutely straight, except for the slight curve of the sacrum. After the fourth month when the child begins to try to sit up, the curves of the back are forming gradually. First, the weight of the chest bends the column forward, then as the child is learning to walk, the danger of falling headlong makes it force makes it force the loins forward, forming the lumbar curve.

“The intervertebral fibro-cartilages play a most important role in the forming of these curves; without them the spinal column would make an almost straight line, except for the pelvis.

“A young man owes his body height largely to a continually swollen condition of his intervertebral fibro-cartilages.

During the day, owing to the pressure of the body’s weight, the intervertebral fibro-cartilages flatten and this is the reason why a man is not so tall in the evening as he is in the morning; for the same reason, he will be shorter while walking a long distance than when lying down. This decrease in height after a long walk is particularly pronounced if he has carried a heavy load at the same time.

"... and when we keep in mind the great capacity of cartilage for absorption and giving off water (amounting up to twenty times its volume), it is obvious that cartilage plays a great role in the daily oscillation of body length.”

From the findings above, it is evident that the fibro-cartilages may be considered the seat of the daily oscillation of the body length. The cause of this phenomenon is two-fold:

1) The physiological curves of the vertebral column become more curved in the course of the day, giving thus a decrease in the length of the body; during the night they recover their original form, which means again the
lengthening of the body. The bending of the spinal column, the increase and decrease of its curves are all expressions of work of the fibro-cartilages between vertebrae in the sense of statistical mechanism. Anterior concavity of the column means stretching. The thicker the fibro-cartilage, the more it will yield to the two forces: pressure and pull. That is why the young with thick fibro-cartilages show a greater daily oscillation of the body length than is seen in old people with thin fibrocartilages.

2) It is the variation in the water content of the fibro-cartilages that gives the daily changes in their thickness, i.e. absorption of water by the fibro-cartilages increases the distance between the vertebrae and thus the length of the body and there are 23 intervertebral fibro-cartilages.

This article written by a noted person in the medical profession thus supports the two approaches or methods toward increasing one’s height. The methods can all be reduced into one word: S T R E T C H I N G. That stretching can increase a person’s height was also accidentally discovered and proven in France by Dr.Francois Sambucy, head of the Paris Clinic. Dr. Sambucy was once a cripple and he took up medicine to relieve or treat his rheumatism. In treating his patients who came to him for relief of spinal pressures and rheumatic ailments, he discovered that traction could also increase their height, for as much as two inches in

In his clinic, he used suspension from pulleys, racks, vibratory manipulation and other unusual devices for treating rheumatism and arthritis, believing that rheumatism originates from the vertebrae.

When one of his patients discovered that one could increase his or her height by stretching the vertebrae, word traveled fast, and soon many flocked to him — not for rheumatic ailments, but for an increase in height.

“They go through the same stretching treatments given to patients with spinal column problems,” he said. Pulleys, racks, and other devices were used to flex the column.

Some of those who came for height increase were women married to very tall men, policemen and mailman, among others.

“The exercises and the stretching did it”, he said. “But the fact that it adds to a person's height is strictly a chance discovery ...”

Through the exercises, his patients claimed to have increased their height permanently.

With all his devices and gadgets, his clinic ironically looked like a
torture chamber of the medieval times.

If this scares you, you will be glad to hear the news that you do not have to subject yourself to “torture racks” or be suspended from pulleys or be pressed and rolled in different and unusual positions. Exponents of height increase principles and discoveries say that nowadays, you need not undergo these torments in order to become taller. You can do so by merely performing the prescribed and simple exercises.

You don't need pulleys, any apparatus, drugs, injections, or any artificial means. And it takes only a few short weeks!

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